To Mothers, With Love

A daughter’s relationship with her mother can be one of the most confusing relationships that she will ever have. A mother who is without the tools to fully nurture her daughter will inevitably expose that daughter to pains that she won’t find anywhere else. Ever in pursuit of her mother’s love; yet she must fight not to lose herself to her mother. She, deep down, always feels that she owes her mother for her life… but sometimes she resents her mother for allowing her to be born in the first place. The daughter knows how she came to be who she is, and she is fearful for the girls who would be born after her. She fights tirelessly to protect those girls from those ways of the mother that shaped her, but it only feels like a losing battle. The mother knows her power as a mother, and she wields it with abandon. Mothers? No matter how dysfunctional you may be, please remember that you make or break the life that you put out into the world. Most likely someone didn’t do right by you, but you can learn to do right by your children. 


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