“Who is one human being to assume possession over another? Every one of us is born an individual, and my love for another does not negate that fact. Who am I to assert myself over the actions of another? I own no one, just as no one owns me. We may share in love and mutual agreements, but never shall we own one another. Side by side we exist, not one above the other. I am open with you about my opinions, feelings, and concerns, as I expect nothing less in return. I respect and value your right to be as you are.”

 As a younger young woman, relationships constituted ownership. If I was to be with someone, then they would have to be mine. It was something that I’d never verbalized, but I was constantly on edge with every friendship and intimate relationship. Over the years I’ve felt more at ease in relationships. I’m no longer guarded, but I do have boundaries. I believe that love can be so mutually beautiful that it can leave you without eyes for another. I also believe that the world doesn’t end just because a connection has. There should be freedom in love; freedom in love is to go where that love takes you. If love takes you deeper with an individual, then go deeper. If love takes you away from an individual, then go away. If love confuses the hell out of you, search for the message that love has for you there. I think that our nature is to explore until we find our unique voice; love should support that.


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